Arek Mytych

JavaScript Developer

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Work experience

Since 02/2009 I work for Appguru (previously Sharq). I started as HTML/CSS developer occasionally dabbling in JavaScript. Currently these proportions are reversed. There were more side projects in the meantime but I think these 3 can give a pretty good idea of how my work path was shaped.

Realized projects (reversed order)

On all projects I worked from the start of the idea to the completion. This included early brainstorming, wireframes, flow charts, low/high fidelity mockups, sometimes Photoshop design and of course HTML/CSS implementation. With time there was more and more JavaScript involvement for me.


Service to create A/B tests for iOS apps. I did all the frontend work for it. But the part I am most proud of is WYSIWYG editor for editing A/B variations. It is my first full fledge one page app. It is built with Backbone.js at the core plus Marionette.js to add some more structure to the codebase and eliminate a lot of boilerplate code. Also it gave me a chance to start writing Jasmine tests for my code (there is still a long way before I will consider myself as a testing expert). I also use Grunt.js (which is so awesome) to do the hard work of managing Bower dependencies, compiling CoffeeScript to JS, LESS to CSS, html templates to JST functions, running Jasmine tests and concatenating and minifying build files.


Heatmaps for iOS apps. I guess this was my turning point. With this project I started to lean more on the JS side. I got to work with amazing d3.js library creating various graphs and charts. Micro JS templates rendered from JSON data got also involved. It all led to the next project being a single-page-app.


Mostly HTML/CSS. JavaScript was not my main concern in the company back then so I touched it sparsely here and there working with Google Maps API.

The rest is history

What happened before that is not so much relevant. I was an IT student, office clerk, studio photographer and a commercial painter. We can talk about any of that if you are interested.